QASIMI is a London based menswear brand that uses a combination of cultural inspirations and insightful narratives to bridge the gap between substance and style. With political, social and cultural undertones that whisper rather than shout, Qasimi is a brand with something to say; whose mission is to make people think beyond clothing.

The products give form, colour and craftsmanship center stage in a hybrid of modern minimalism and timeless tradition, allowing the wearer to add their own layer of individuality. Embedded in its DNA is the intersection of opposing worlds and subtle merging of cultures, lacing historical references with contemporary character into silhouettes of relaxed sophistication.

Khalid Qasimi is the Founder and Creative Director of Qasimi. Born in the UAE and raised in the UK, Qasimi is a graduate of both Central Saint Martins and the Architectural Association. Since launching his label, he’s garnered praise for his elegant collections that sensitively explore the volatile relationship between the Middle East and the West.

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