Me Then

ME THEN is a Greek fashion brand based in Athens.
First came a fanzine named after the Greek word for number Zero which was followed by a ready-to-wear collection. ME THEN was born.

In Greek phonetics number Zero sounds like ME THEN.
This relationship with words summarises the essence of the brand.

Founded in 2014 by George Soumpasis, Mary Giatra-Ritsou and Tasos Papageorgiou,
ME THEN started out with a line of graphic T-shirts and sweatshirts, giving flesh and bone to their bizarre dreams.
Inspired by Now, songs, architectural forms, Athens' sunsets and her people, the brand released its junior collection in 2016.
Soon after, Stefanie Biggel was named head designer and Stavros Bilionis art director.

Fusing streetwear with classic menswear and a minimal and modernist approach, the brand focuses on producing garments made with the highest regard to quality. ME THEN places emphasis on fabric selection and craftsmanship while supporting the remaining Greek cotton industries.

In a liquid society, where nothing is solid and everything melts, the brand has taken its time to solidify.
ME THEN is growing older. Gracefully.

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